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Discover Me


The Discover Me project was a live project presented to us by a local school. They wanted a more accessible awards scheme for their students and had decided on the format of collectable cards. Working with Rose Sutherland, we created the logo and card designs for the 'Out and About' Category. The coloured star represented what level of achievement that the card was for - providing an easy way for the school to track progress, without creating disappointment if a child could not achieve a certain level.

The cards had a section for the teaching staff to fill in on the reverse, while the front had enough space for the children to interact with the cards. This interaction could be through drawing, writing or adding stickers to personalise their cards, creating more engagement than with a standard certificate. Upon collection of the full set within that category, the children would receive an extra large 'out and about' card. 

Although not the design chosen by the school, our designs were ranked highly by staff and students during the selection process.

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