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Green Tape

Radicle & Big Teeth


From January until April 2020 I worked as a senior designer for Green Tape. Green Tape was a design team that 'aims to tackle the global climate crisis through both analogue and digital mediums with an emphasis on moving image'. Below are the two main projects that we worked on during that time and each is a product of collaboration, so I do not claim the outcome to be solely my own work.

Radicle was a project set by our mentor agency Stance. They wanted some visual identity work done for a business sustainable wiki that would provide a resource for businesses looking to become more sustainable in their practices. The name 'Radicle' came as a play on the more political 'radical' and the idea of growth and greener practices due to its identifying of the initial growth of a seed. The icon simplified this image for the logo and identity.

The second project was a lyric video for the band Big Teeth for their debut single Frank & Amy. The video was created during the lockdown, so we were each assigned a 30 second segment to work on in a stop motion style. The first 35 seconds are my contribution. This was the first time in awhile that I had worked with moving image, but remembering the joy of stop motion helped me fall back into it as a creative method.

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