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The Blairadam Project


This artist book was created in response to a 48 hour period spent walking in Blairadam Forest, Fife. This book was created in response to not just the place, but the experience of being in the forest, alone for an extended period of time. 

Originally the project was meant to explore and map out the creation of woodland dens and interact with the experience of childhood imagination and play. Ultimately the experience became less focused on that, and the book makes use of notebook entries created during my time there as well as images taken on black and white film.

The book itself was made to be fully biodegradable, and to focus on the process of making using handmade processes. Tactility was important both in the creation of the book as well as in the final outcome as an object. The copy was all printed by hand using letterpress on washi, and the photographs were printed on recycled paper using the cyanotype (blueprint) process. The cover features moss and leaves taken from the woodland beneath a layer of 'SCOBY leather' which was grown during the length of the project. The spine of the book is a hand carved stick, again from the woodland, and is used as a part of the Coptic binding method that binds the publication together.

The project also involved creating a typeface for use on some pages within the book and as an independent response to the experience. The letters were created in charcoal, giving the typeface it's name of 'Charcoal Woods'.

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