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Jazz Binding

says hi!

Jazz is a graphic designer and illustrator currently based in Edinburgh. They're open to freelance work and entry level opportunities within the UK publishing and creative industries.

They believe that through design we can raise awareness of social issues, and create work that has a positive impact on the environment and communities. With a focus on publications and branding, Jazz thinks that words and visual material are of equal importance and their designs encourage a synthesis of the two. However, the desire to make a better world doesn't mean they don't enjoy the smaller projects - zines and doodles are a go to for happy making!


Things Jazz can do

Use Adobe suite

Use a photography studio & dark room

Learn new skills and software quickly

Write too much

Edit lots of writing

Hand bind books

Create designs appropriate to the project

Manage databases

Use traditional printing techniques

Make a difference with design

And all that Jazz

'Describe me in 3 words'

'hardworking, creative, driven'

'you're not mediocre'

'weird but great'

Top snack

Bourbon biscuits with a cuppa

Best way to spend the weekend

Outside for a long walk  before coming back in for a hot chocolate and a sci-fi book!

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